Typical Landscape Plan



Site Plan






(Yellow Color Lot) A one, one-and-a-half, or two story single-family detached home on a city size lot. Garage may be fully or partially attached or detached with common rear lane vehicular entry. City Homes include a gracious front porch. Sunrooms may be  thoughtfully incorporated into the design. Building placement, proportion, and exterior materials will be carefully specified. Architectural and interior design may vary significantly based upon home purchaser preference.





(Purple Color Lot) A one or one-and-a-half-story single-family detached home grouped with others facing a mews, small common green. A bungalow court is often, but not always arranged in a U-shape. Homes are separated from the common area only by a sidewalk, path or other non-vehicular way. Parking is from rear lanes, alleys or in a common, rear-loaded lot. A bungalow almost always includes a large porch.





(Burgundy Color Lot) A two, three, or four story attached dwelling with built in garage located at the rear of the building and accessed from an alley or auto court. Townhomes in traditional neighborhoods conform to the pattern of the street with living space raised comfortably above the sidewalk. Private rooftop gardens or balconies are frequently incorporated into
the design.




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